Materialistic Praise

Life is a sacred gift from the Almighty,how we live it is totally under our jurisdiction.We have the power to live life the way we want,however this doesn’t mean we should abuse that freedom. We as Individuals tend to take life for granted at times by focusing too much on the things that don’t really matter. For instance we tend to worship our clothes,trainers or the type of car we may own,all these things doesn’t mean life is good.It just means that you are enjoying life for the wrong reasons.There is more to life than materialistic objects.Life is good because we have friends and family that we can share good times with and even turn to when the bad times appear. Our Material possessions can never provide true happiness in life.

3 responses to “Materialistic Praise”

    • thats a very good one to be honest with you i am not sure but either way materialistic goods cannot guarantee happiness nd if they do i think its only going to be temporary happiness well thats what i think anyway

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