Making The Cut

It can be argued that we are at this stage of our lives where we need to be surrounded by people who encourage us to be the best we can be. Life is not a playground, so we need to stop playing around and start focusing on who has significance in our lives and start thinking about ways to remove those that don’t bring any real contribution to our lives. Those who made it will continue to be of significance and the ones who did not make it will realise their incapacities to define the term “Friend”. Deter from being regarded as the Mediocre friend and work towards being the type of friend that can have a special effect.

2 responses to “Making The Cut”

  1. But dont you think that theres something positive to extract from everyone.. as in theres a reason for everyones existence everyone is connected in one way or another.. but i hear u g

    • yh thats true to a certain extent the people associated in our lives have some significance one way or the other,but at the same time we have to keep one eye very observant and the other eye cordial to the people in our lives if that makes sense g

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