Homeland to Bond: Damian Lewis set to star as next 007

Homeland to Bond: Damian Lewis set to star as next 007

There has been a lot of speculation into who will play the next James Bond, once Daniel Craig decides he’s had enough of the high-speed car chases and seducing irresistible femme fatales. Idris Elba was a name that frequently came up in the rumour mill of who would become the next 007, but that rumour has been well and truly buried, as Damian Lewis has been given the unofficial stamp of approval that he would be producer’s first choice to take over (Daily Mail,2015).

I personally have no objection to Lewis taking on the role, but I wouldn’t mind a bit of diversity too. Idris Elba has – arguably – made his mark on Hollywood and in the acting business as a whole, he’s shown his versatility in a number of fantastic roles (No Good Deed, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, American Gangster).  On that basis I generally think that playing the next 007 would be perfect, and not to mention he is a hit with the ladies.

Picture: Vogue
Picture: Vogue

Ah well! We don’t always get what we want in life. Now that speculation is over, well for now anyway, it is reported that the new bond film: Spectre is due for an October release. If you liked Daniel Craig in the previous bond instalment  I’m sure you will enjoy this one. There are set to be a few new replacements and faces, as Ralph Fiennes takes on the role as M (formerly played by Dame Judi Dench), Naomi Harris still plays Eve Moneypenny and Christoph Waltz plays the bond villain; Franz Oberhauser.

If this happens to be Craig’s last hurrah as the martini drinking protagonist I’m sure he will like to end with a bang, but then again it isn’t good to put too much high hopes on a film. If you are wondering what to expect in this latest instalment the trailer would be a good starting point, in terms of giving you an idea into what 007 will be up against.







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