Inferiority Complex


“What have I done now?” I remember saying to myself one day my manager calls me into his office. Day in Day out I always ensure I work hard to the best of my ability and most of all do what is expected of me. As the job mostly involves communicating and liaising with people, whether it be via telephone or in person, I always ensure I conduct myself in a professional manner, I am attentive and always polite when communicating. But somehow it’s as if what I do is never good enough for my manager. You know those people that never try and see the good in you? Well he’s exactly that! …Why do I feel like I am always being chastised and never praised?

Maybe he just has a big Ego?

He’s not happy with himself in life?

He suffers from an INFERIORITY COMPLEX?????

Bingo! This has to be it, I mean it makes sense. But Why? Let me tell you because it may not make much sense to you now why this can be the only reasonable explanation for his resentment towards me. He feels some sort of inadequacy about himself and as a way of trying to compensate for that he will always try and find fault in all that I do. Perhaps I have something he feels he lacks, even so that is that isn’t my problem- I cant be faulted for the way God made me (LOL).

For a while I started to feel so berated, low in self-worth and worse of all completely unfit for my job. But you know what there is no point wallowing in self-pity, with these situations I think it makes you realise why you always need to hold yourself in high regard- not in a narcissistic type of way- and believe that you are talented in more ways than you can imagine.

Why beat yourself up worrying about what people think about you let alone ONE person, that’s just giving yourself an unnecessary headache. This might be somewhat contradictory as you ideally want to make a good impression on your boss/manager or whoever it is you answer to at work. In the workplace you do tend to worry about the way you’re perceived because you just want create a good reputation for yourself and ultimately be regarded as a good employee. This is absolutely fine, but when you start demoralising yourself because someone has a ‘vendetta’ against you then you’re creating a problem for yourself.

It took me a while to understand that you never do yourself any good letting people or things get to you. You simply cant expect others to value you if you don’t value yourself. That should be like a CARDINAL RULE.

Don’t ever let people- especially your manager- make you feel that you’re worthless or ‘not good enough’ because they seem to have a ‘problem’ with the way you are. Just remember that it’s their problem to deal with and not yours. I’m no expert on human behavior, but I believe that people tend to make you feel inferior about yourself because they feel inferior about themselves. These people (like my manager) may have some sort of authority over you, so they often try and use that power to make you feel insecure about yourself. Well let it stop now! Once you know your worth you will learn to appreciate yourself more, I know I certainly have.

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