Her Care is a place of refuge

I remember the days when security from all things evil were certain.I felt comfort as I was protected within this soft and loving place of refuge.When I needed things I knew I would get them because I always had a provider.The sounds of danger that I hear today were cancelled out during my early days as this place of refuge cancelled out all noises that were potentially detrimental to my peace and happiness.As I slept in my refuge I was in total isolation but never alone as I had eyes that watched me like a CCTV.Sleep within this refuge was so peaceful I heard nothing I felt nothing I was in my own little world.I could sleep without worrying about the troubles of the next day as this refuge provided an answer to all predicaments of the day.Twenty years on I come to realize that I am no longer a permanent residence of this place of refuge as I had to fly the nest because age had told me that it was time to start looking after myself.The utopia I once lived was nothing but an illusion as I gradually grew up nowadays I cannot distort what happens in my reality the sound of danger can no longer be cancelled rather it has to be dealt with my own acts of prudence.I now have to walk on my own two feet and protect myself.This realisation was quite hard to come to terms with as i gradually grew older but then i realised that there comes a time where we have to be independent and look after ourselves.The truth of the matter is that our parents are not always going to be there to look after us.As daunting this may seem it is not all clouds and rain there is some sunshine in this and that is the idea that we will be okay as we grow up because just as we had someone looking after in our infant years it can be said that we also have somebody looking after us in our adult stages.That person that carries out such a powerful task is the almighty God.

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