The barbed wire is illusive

In life there are things that bring us down that is just one of the common characteristics of it , we must not allow ourselves to feel low when life seems low. We may feel low because we think that our situation is so bad that there is no hope for a better life.There are various factors that can be attributed to this feeling of hopelessness.The government can arguably be one factor,simply because of their proposals to the educational system. Since the conservatives took office they have proposed many plans to the educational system. One worth mentioning is the increase in tuition fees,this has sparkled a large volume of rage amongst teenagers and students for that matter. I think it would be safe to say that young people especially those that are keen on entering higher education as a means for a better life are deterred from doing so.Those from less fortunate backgrounds may not want to enter this world of debt because they may not be able to pay it back.No matter what everybody has a chance of making it to where they want to go ,the government should never be a constraint to your dreams. So if you have a little brother ,sister or cousin who is thinking of attending university in the near future always tell them to go for it and do not let them think that the government controls their lives because they don’t.We as individuals can achieve anything we want in this life,you and I can always get to the other side of the fence because the barbed wire is nothing but a mere illusion. Always tell yourself that you can achieve success.

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