You Never Know

If you and five strangers were stranded in a remote island with no accessibility to mobile phones or any other technological devices for that matter, what will you do ? Would you feel a huge sense of deprivation of not having your possessions or would you just try to get to know the strangers that you are surrounded by ? If I were in such a position I would go for the latter,simply because it is inevitable but at the same time it is a chance to communicate with people I have never met before. This may seem weird but I think it will actually be an exciting experience because you may find out more things about people than you bargained for,who knows you may even find somebody who has the same career aspirations as you do or even somebody who knows a few people who you know. The possibilities are endless, the point I am trying to make here is that it never hurts meeting new people it can be a great experience and an exciting one if you find several similarities within the process. We should not have to try new things or meet new people out of inevitability.

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