School Memories: The Neeky/Nerdy Guy

When I was in Secondary School I seemed to have got along with most people in my year group, had a decent group of friends and most of all I studied and completed all of my homework. Pretty much sums up the average student doesn’t it? A part of me wasn’t happy with this, I didn’t think I was ‘cool’ enough, I wanted to have some sort of edge about me and increase my social status. I just felt like a ‘neek’, or as I our transatlantic cousins would say: a ‘nerd’.

Why was it that the unpopular guys in school never seemed to be a hit with the girls? Well your guess is as good as mine, but whilst you’re thinking about that , I could come up with a few reasons why the ‘cool guys’ were so popular.

First of all … Who are these ‘cool guys’? To simply put it, there are the type of guys that the girls went for.

In school there were THREE different types of ‘cool guys’.

They were …….


First ‘cool guy’ that girls seemed to love was the ‘Bad Guy’, who had little regard for his own education, turned up to class when he felt like it and didn’t give a flying monkeys about the school code of conduct. This somehow didn’t seem to bother girls but instead they found it quite attractive. Also let’s not forget to mention that he is usually not in touch with his emotions. So he feels no way about breaking girls’ hearts and treating them like shit, but despite all that they still liked him.


Then there is the ‘Sporty Guy’, who was good at football and obviously on the school football team. He got fairly averaged grades and showed up to class most times. He was sure of himself and was good looking, which he played on a lot , it was no surprise that girls would throw themselves at him. Though he made some effort to learn and actually get an education, football was all he seemed to care about.



Finally there is the ‘Mr “Steal Your Girl” Guy’ , who didn’t necessarily go around school trying to get with girls who had boyfriends – although he could if he wanted to – but was the guy who was eye candy for most girls because he was insanely handsome. He wasn’t a nerd but he was fairly smart and seemed to do all his work and attend classes most times too.

There may be a few more categories I could have added, but these were the ones that really sprung to mind. What category do you think I would come under? Don’t worry I don’t expect you to answer that as you may not have really known me in Secondary School or even know me at all. But if I were to answer my own question I would say none of the above. I was pretty much a neek/nerd at school , I’m even laughing to myself as I say this but it was the truth. Who is the Neeky/Nerdy Guy?


At school I was pretty much a neek/nerd, I went to class 90% of the time, completed homework to the best of my ability and always had school equipment.Yep! I took my education very seriously which is normal. As I said earlier I wanted to have some sort of edge and level of ‘coolness’. I tried to get on the school football team but it wasn’t long until I realised that I wasn’t  great at football. I had more chance of finding a needle in a haystack than I did in making the cut for the school football team.

I bunked off once and started hanging out with one of the ‘bad boys’ at school, in the hope that it will increase my social status. After a while I had realised that I wasn’t about that life, no matter how hard I tried. Soon enough I had no choice but to really embrace the neek/nerd in me. This wasn’t a bad thing in fact it was good that I was so studious and wanted to achieve the best grades I could, after all that’s what I was there for. I was just going through a phase because at the time being an excellent student and completing homework just didn’t seem ‘cool’ enough. I wanted to be popular and yeah admittedly be a hit with the girls , but it just didn’t happen.

Eventually when I did embrace who I really was , it felt like some sort of freedom because I didn’t have to put on this act and most of all if a girl did like me , I knew that she would like me for just simply being me. At school I’m sure we all had a little phase we went through, it’s perfectly normal.

So Guys what ‘cool guy’ category would you say you came under? and Ladies what type of ‘cool guy’ did you fall for?

Football Focus

Last week’s action in the Premier League

Crystal-Palace-v-Leicester-City-Premier-LeagueWasn’t last week full of excitement? Well yes it was – for some teams more than others. Manchester United were certainly in good spirits last week Saturday as they managed to grab a 2-1 win at Old Trafford against West Ham. Wayne Rooney just can’t seem to keep his leg down as the newly promoted skipper received an instant red card for – what some might call a ‘fierce’ tackle.  Leicester City travelled to Selhurst Park only to find their jubilant spirits deflated as Crystal Palace defeated them 2-0. Whereas Manchester City seemed to have had a blast at the KC Stadium after knocking 4 goals past Hull City. The Tigers managed to grab 2 consolation goals, but didn’t quite have the panache to get the victory.

The derby clashes managed to end well for all sides involved as we witnessed draws at The Emirates and Anfield. Steven Gerrard almost had the last laugh with his critics after firing home a brilliantly taken free-kick to give Liverpool the lead. But Everton skipper, Phil Jagielka – in the dying embers of the game! – showed Gerrard he could bend one in too, with a stunning cracker, resulting in a 1-1 draw at full time.  Arsene Wenger almost added more grey hairs to his scalp when his side came close to their first defeat of the season. Spurs’ Nancer Chadli slotted one in to put the visitors ahead, but it wasn’t long until Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tucked a goal away, leaving the match at 1-1 at stoppage time. Chelsea sealed yet again another seamless victory, with their 3-0 win against Aston Villa.

Matches in store for this weekend

Graziano Pellè of Southampton

This weekend’s games are undoubtedly going to have many highs and lows. Aston Villa are one of the many teams that kick off at 15:00pm, as they go head to head with Manchester City. Arsenal travel to Stamford Bridge, ahead of what might be a tough test against Chelsea.  Tottenham play host to Southampton – who have kicked off their premier league campaign with a flying start! Graziano Pelle will surely be looking to find the net again, as the forward has been looking prosperous for The Saints.  Everton trot off to the North West of England for their clash with Manchester United.

Hot Topic of the week

Both Everton’s Men and Ladies may not have got a victory last weekend, but it was the Ladies who will be finding the defeat harder to stomach, as their defeat meant relegation from The Woman’s Super League. Read here to get the full news:

Picture: BBC Sports
Picture: BBC Sports




Eden Hazard of Chelsea
Eden Hazard of Chelsea

Gaming fans brace yourselves! There isn’t long to go now until the release of EA Sports’ FIFA 15, as the popular game officially hit stores this Friday. With a range of new features and even more dynamic gameplay, gamers are most definitely going to be in for a treat once they get their hands on the new edition.

One of the many exclusive features – which I’m sure gamers will be pleased about – is that you are now able witness players showing emotion and intensity based on the events of that particular game. With over 600 new emotional reactions, you can be sure to expect  disappointment, joy and frustration displayed more uniquely by your favourite players during crucial moments – missed tackles, missed chances, penalty decisions and many more! – in the game.


It gets even better! As goalkeepers have been completely transformed for FIFA 15, you can now expect them to be much more responsive than they were in the previous edition. There are a variety of save animations that can be witnessed, making the gameplay exciting and realistic as can be.

Tomorrow be sure to get a copy, as they – without a doubt! – will sell out fast. Once you do, make sure you get on that settee, sit back, relax, turn on your console and enjoy what might turn out to be one of the best of the lot.


Football Focus

 Last week’s action in the Premier League

Picture: Yahoo
Picture: Yahoo

What a week we had witnessed! Last weekend’s fixtures were full of plenty goals and surprises to say the least. This season might just prove to be the year of the underdogs, as the likes of West Ham, Leicester and Crystal Palace have been showing the big teams that they mean business in this year’s campaign. The clash between Leicester and Manchester United was one filled with action and beautiful end-to-end football. United took the lead courtesy of two brilliant goals by Robin Van Persie and Angel Di Maria – who is showing Van Gaal and the fans that he was a valuable investment. The Red Devils’ lead was short-lived as Leicester came from behind and went all the way to grab the winner, as they fought tooth and nail for their 5-3 victory.

Arsenal continue to keep their fans happy with their unbeaten run with 3 goals – in the space of three minutes! – against a lacklustre Aston Villa side. The Gunners 3-0 win comprised of goals from Danny Welbeck , Mesut Ozil and Aly Cissokho, who accidently slotted one past Villa keeper; Brad Guzan. Daniel Sturridge’s injury woes is seemingly affecting Liverpool’s morale after they suffered a 3-1 loss against West Ham. Manchester City managed to disrupt Chelsea’s consecutive winning streak, which resulted in both sides grabbing a point. Frank Lampard proved to be a super-sub as he found the net in the dying minutes of the game, making the match 1-1 at full time.

Picture: AFP
Picture: AFP

 Matches in store for this weekend

This weekend’s fixtures will be sure to have you glued to your settees! There is an array of exciting matches. We have not only one but two derby clashes! Liverpool host Everton at Anfield just after 12 noon. Whereas Arsenal battle it out with fellow north Londoners; Tottenham. Can Chelsea get back to their winning form against Aston Villa? Villa travel to Stamford Bridge, there is no doubt that they will be looking to redeem themselves after last week’s heavy defeat. Manchester United will also be looking to restore some of their pride when they go head-to-head with West Ham. It most certainly won’t be a walk in the park, especially if The Hammers put on a repeat performance that gave them a comfortable win against Liverpool last Saturday.

In other news….

Next Gen Game Play
Next Gen Game Play

 FIFA 15 is coming out on Friday! The game is undoubtedly going to sell like hot cakes; you better grab a copy as quickly as you can. Gamers are most certainly in for a treat as the game play has improved considerably.


PUMA are pleased to unveil the Borussia Dortmund 2014/15 International Jersey. This will be the official kit sported by the Bundesliga side ahead of their UEFA Champions League campaign.

The BVB jersey comes in the traditional bright yellow colour with the sponsorship logo providing the only colour contrast. This year’s jersey boasts a simple but stylish collar design which is a new look compared to the crew-neck style of the 2014/15 Home jersey.

Marco Reus Sporting The UCL 14/15 Kit
                        Marco Reus

The PUMA logo is represented on each side of the sleeves with the main one situated on the top-left. The BVB crest sits across with the two stars, which are symbolic of Dortmund’s five Bundesliga titles, directly above it.

The Champions League 2014/15 attire is completed with black shorts and long yellow socks. Dortmund fans can purchase the full kit or the jersey on the official club website, with the name and number of their favourite player emblazoned on the back.