Is Materialism The Route To Happiness?

“Money can’t buy you happiness” … “Well I would drown my sorrows in a Range RoverHaven’t we heard all that before? I’m not going to just spend the next 20-30 mins telling you that Money isn’t everything and how we as individuals shouldn’t admire nice things. If I did then I would be completely talking nonsense. I personally like nice things, there is something great about walking into the shop and trying on that really nice jacket that looks fantastic on you, even if its £100. Yeah that’s right! I do like to spend money on nice things even if they are a bit pricey, I don’t see a problem with that because I like what I am buying and know that I won’t return it anytime soon.

Okay I could waffle on about what I like to buy and all that jazz, but I will choose another day to bore you (ha ha  … I’m joking). As stated earlier: “Money can’t buy you Happiness”, which is true to an extent, but it depends on what you class as ‘Happiness’, so some might believe that it does. Others might think that such a statement is total rubbish. So you see it’s all about our individual perception. There are days I picture myself driving around London in a Lamborghini or going on a big shopping spree down Knightsbridge. For now such are wishful thoughts, but I do hope to someday. I don’t think it’s wrong for people to want nice things, the only problem that I have is when we start to allow these things to consume us, to the extent we value them more than others. I will be adopting the same train of thought similar to my last post (Diamonds and Gold), as there are some similar points that need to be addressed.

When I was younger (like 16 or 17 or so) I used to always get excited when it came to Birthdays and Christmas, all I was concerned about was what present I was going to get. Admittedly when I was younger I was quite spoilt and used to sulk a lot when I didn’t get what I wanted –life of typical brat ay!. There was one birthday in particular when I actually started to think different: On my 15th birthday I remember waking up that morning in high spirits, as anyone would be on their birthday. I was excited because I had got a Nintendo Gamecube, which at the time was newest console. Later on in the day a few friends came over and we were all taking turns to play, but I wasn’t happy even though I got what I wanted. My mum had travelled that day too, so I kind of felt upset after a while because I  felt that I didn’t really get to celebrate with her properly. At that time I didn’t fully understand why I was getting so upset, it’s not like she was travelling for months it was just a week holiday!

It was only until I got older I started to fully comprehend the reason for this sadness. Presents are nice and all but nothing beats time spent with loved ones and those you value highly. These days I’m more content with spending time with my pals and just having a good time. I feel that it’s a waste of time constantly being fixated on materialistic goods.  It’s perfectly okay to want a new pair of shoes or a nice bag from Zara. But why must these things consume us? It’s not quite easy to fathom, some of us just like good things. When you’re younger I guess it’s okay to love materialistic things, because you probably don’t know any better. But as you get older you really start to understand what’s important.

There was a point when I was completely obsessed with footwear. I would always want the latest trainers without fail- I had a sense of pride when I wore the newest pair of trainers in the shops. My friends always used to hail me for having such a neat footwear collection. I felt like the man! Now I hardly buy trainers, I’m not really fussed anymore, there are far more pressing matters on my mind.

How do you live your life? Do your materialistic possessions consume you? More importantly what’s your perspective on life? I want to travel around the world and learn about different cultures. I yearn one day to start a family of my own. The way I see life now is much more different, mental stimulation and growth are way more important to me than materialistic possessions.

Treat yourself to that bag you saw the other day in the shops, those pair of loafers you spotted when you were out and about in Oxford Circus. And once in a while buy something for your missus, brother, wife, husband and so on, they will appreciate the spontaneity.  Life will feel good when we buy things to create meaning and love, rather than constantly trying to ‘Keep up with the Joneses’.

Football Focus

Last week’s action in the Premier League

Crystal-Palace-v-Leicester-City-Premier-LeagueWasn’t last week full of excitement? Well yes it was – for some teams more than others. Manchester United were certainly in good spirits last week Saturday as they managed to grab a 2-1 win at Old Trafford against West Ham. Wayne Rooney just can’t seem to keep his leg down as the newly promoted skipper received an instant red card for – what some might call a ‘fierce’ tackle.  Leicester City travelled to Selhurst Park only to find their jubilant spirits deflated as Crystal Palace defeated them 2-0. Whereas Manchester City seemed to have had a blast at the KC Stadium after knocking 4 goals past Hull City. The Tigers managed to grab 2 consolation goals, but didn’t quite have the panache to get the victory.

The derby clashes managed to end well for all sides involved as we witnessed draws at The Emirates and Anfield. Steven Gerrard almost had the last laugh with his critics after firing home a brilliantly taken free-kick to give Liverpool the lead. But Everton skipper, Phil Jagielka – in the dying embers of the game! – showed Gerrard he could bend one in too, with a stunning cracker, resulting in a 1-1 draw at full time.  Arsene Wenger almost added more grey hairs to his scalp when his side came close to their first defeat of the season. Spurs’ Nancer Chadli slotted one in to put the visitors ahead, but it wasn’t long until Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tucked a goal away, leaving the match at 1-1 at stoppage time. Chelsea sealed yet again another seamless victory, with their 3-0 win against Aston Villa.

Matches in store for this weekend

Graziano Pellè of Southampton

This weekend’s games are undoubtedly going to have many highs and lows. Aston Villa are one of the many teams that kick off at 15:00pm, as they go head to head with Manchester City. Arsenal travel to Stamford Bridge, ahead of what might be a tough test against Chelsea.  Tottenham play host to Southampton – who have kicked off their premier league campaign with a flying start! Graziano Pelle will surely be looking to find the net again, as the forward has been looking prosperous for The Saints.  Everton trot off to the North West of England for their clash with Manchester United.

Hot Topic of the week

Both Everton’s Men and Ladies may not have got a victory last weekend, but it was the Ladies who will be finding the defeat harder to stomach, as their defeat meant relegation from The Woman’s Super League. Read here to get the full news:

Picture: BBC Sports
Picture: BBC Sports