Me versus Me

At times I often find myself in a constant battle with myself, I struggle day in and day out to tell myself who I really am. My mind often fights with itself.I envisage the personality I want to have and I always try to bring that mental persona into reality. Until I achieve this, the battle I am currently facing will still continue.

What is more Important than this ?

Life is not to be played with nor is it to be taken for granted.We as individuals were given the gift of Life so we have to truly appreciate it. I believe God gave me and you life through the death of Jesus Christ,thus we are indebted to him in one way or the other.We must live our lives to the fullest and whatever God has ordained us to do in this life we must do it. Our Lives are very important the dangerous thing about life is that it can come to an end at any moment.This is the reason why we must thank God for it at all times,no matter what we are going through no matter how bad it is we must always appreciate our existence.We may engage in many battles with adversity some of these battles may be so detrimental that we question why we have life or worse we consider taking our own life.When such occur we must remember that God gave us Life knowing that we can handle all that it entails.