My mind is my domain where all my thoughts are confined,nobody can gain access to it except God. He knows what I am thinking at all times he is the only one that gains unprecedented access. Despite this we still make our own decisions God cannot make decisions for us he can only influence them.At times I often feel as if my mind has two parts; a part where I stress over the present and a part where I deeply think of the future.Momentarily I ask myself how the mind can be split into two parts ? an answer to this question is not mandatory because it is simply my belief. The part of my mind that thinks of my future far outweighs the other part that stresses of my present.

How are you going to define yours

I believe Happiness is imperative,but the true thoughts that rests in my head is what constitutes happiness. This is a question that will always generate different answers, as everybody has their own account as to what they think happiness is. It does not matter what your account of happiness is,what matters is how you plan to define your account.