Always Let Him take the Limelight

Never take the limelight for your accomplishments ,never stop working hard no matter how much you have accomplished. Whatever recognition you may have gained due to your talents never stop trying to steer away from the limelight. We need to keep drinking from the tap of Consistency and always refrain from eating from the same plate as Complacency. Humility should always be exercised and we should bear in mind that God takes the limelight and all the credit for our achievements. Without him nothing is possible he is our pilot in this flight of greatness.

No Prey for this Predator

If it can eat you it can eat me the World is a predator that has no barriers or remorse towards its Prey. We may mean well but that is not enough to guarantee survival,whether you are a good person or a bad person there are no exceptions. Survival can only be assured by Hope and Prayer. Everyday is a battle but we survive each day due to the powerful weapons distributed by the Man beyond the clouds.

Making The Cut

It can be argued that we are at this stage of our lives where we need to be surrounded by people who encourage us to be the best we can be. Life is not a playground, so we need to stop playing around and start focusing on who has significance in our lives and start thinking about ways to remove those that don’t bring any real contribution to our lives. Those who made it will continue to be of significance and the ones who did not make it will realise their incapacities to define the term “Friend”. Deter from being regarded as the Mediocre friend and work towards being the type of friend that can have a special effect.

Materialistic Praise

Life is a sacred gift from the Almighty,how we live it is totally under our jurisdiction.We have the power to live life the way we want,however this doesn’t mean we should abuse that freedom. We as Individuals tend to take life for granted at times by focusing too much on the things that don’t really matter. For instance we tend to worship our clothes,trainers or the type of car we may own,all these things doesn’t mean life is good.It just means that you are enjoying life for the wrong reasons.There is more to life than materialistic objects.Life is good because we have friends and family that we can share good times with and even turn to when the bad times appear. Our Material possessions can never provide true happiness in life.

The Journey

Instead of letting negativity,criticism and hatred from others bring you down,make those things your impetus towards your drive for success.We must have Faith at all times no matter how challenging things may be because God does not give us challenges above our weight.Faith and Self-Confidence are fundamental tools we must acquire towards the road to success.